HHT Guarantee

HHT Guarantee

After receiving your posting message to CFB Borden or out of CFB Borden, contact your IRP/DND Approved Brookfield Relocation Real Estate agent.

Once you have your house hunting trip schedule, I guarantee I will be available for you during the entire week for your HHT. I am very aware of the stresses and the pressure you are under while having only 1 week to find your new home. I have worked with many military members of the last few years, and being raised in a family with two military parents and a common trend I have heard about client’s prior HHT with other agents is the agent was not able to be at their disposal causing additional stress.


Working with me as your Brookfield Relocation Real Estate Agent at CFB Borden, you will see as many homes as you wish to see in the first few days so you will be able to hopefully make some decisions within two or three days. After negotiating a home purchase, I will assist in organizing all the follow up that is required concerning inspections, lawyers, mortgage financing, insurance, etc. In addition, prior to your move, I will supply you with the details to the local schools & amenities.


My goal during your HHT is to make sure you go home having had a successful and relatively stress-free house hunting trip and that you are confident with your purchase. I encourage you to ask me all the questions you can so that you can see I know what I’m doing and I will be able to help you.


Since working with many military members posting across Canada and the power of the RE/MAX network, I have a list of agents to whom I can refer you to so that when you are posted out of CFB Borden, I will be able to offer you another real estate agent that will offer quality service to make your next HHT another success. If its real estate related, I guarantee you that I can help.


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