It’s January and most of us are longing for some change! New year, new look! But while January may be giving us the itch to indulge in a full makeover, it may also have you rethinking your spending budget after indulging over the holidays.

But don’t you fret my friends, we have done our research and found some amazing and simple ideas on how to give your living room space a makeover for less than $100!

So sit back, grab yourself a coffee (or wine!) and submerge yourself in these realistic and easy to follow ideas on how to give your living room space a fresh new look!


Paint is by far one of my favourite ways to change up a room.  Now, depending on the size of your living room, $100 may not be enough paint to cover the whole room. However, it’s definitely enough to do a feature wall, freshen up the trim and window frames, or even give new life to a piece of furniture in that space (which is a go to move of mine!)

Pillows or Throw Blankets

There is no easier way to add a pop of colour to a room then by switching out your throw pillows or blankets! As the season change, switching out your pillows and blankets is an affordable way to keep your home current and trendy. Choose between florals, patterns, solid colours, or even words to add a new feel to the space.


While most new light fixtures will cost more than $100, did you know that you can switch out the lamp shades for less than that. If a new light fixture is something your heart is set on you have a few options. Take an unapologetic trip to your local Homesense  store where you will find amazing pricing on light fixtures. Remember, when shopping there that the items you see are not a “stock item”, which means if you love it buy it, because chances of finding another one will be almost impossible. Also, You can often find deals on lighting fixtures if you shop second hand stores or antique stores!


Adding some shelving or storage bins to your living room can make it feel like an entirely new space, as it’ll be more organized and less cluttered. A few floating shelves, some fabric bins or a small side table shouldn’t cost you more than $100. You can store books, movies, kids toys and so much more.


While most artwork will cost you more than $100, creating a gallery wall with family photographs and small prints or postcards you’ve acquired can be relatively inexpensive. Living rooms are also a great space to showcase non-traditional artwork. Think flags, horns or rugs.


A sure way to makeover your living room is to add some greenery. A few plants will add some colour and cost less than $100. When picking what to buy remember to consider how much light your room gets, as well as the level of maintenance it will require.


A free way to makeover your living room is to work with what you’ve got. Rearrange the furniture to create and entirely new layout and space. Also, think about the furniture you have in other rooms in your house. Perhaps your new statement furniture piece is currently in another room in your home.

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